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Amplify tool busted?


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I just downloaded the free version of Wavepad tonight and every effect seems to work except the AMPLIFY tool. It does nothing when I select audio to increase or decrease the volume.


Is this a glitch in the free version of the program, or is there something I can do?


Thanks so much guys :)


We confirmed this as a bug in the beta version of 2.01. It is fixed in the current version 2.10. Download from www.nch.com.au/wavepad.

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Hi ausetkmt:


I, too, have been playing around with the new versions for the last couple of hours. Most of the things on my "bug" list have been fixed -- (1) The "slider" now works perfectly, (2) The "thermometer" window on the AGC effect works fine [and now also shows up when used in BATCH mode].


I've been trying out both the FREE and the TRIAL versions, uninstalling and then reinstalling them with no bugs apparent so far. I also specifically tested the AMPLIFY feature.


When you say the "+" and "-" keys don't work -- what do you expect them to do? I can't find any reference to those keys in the HELP file's "Shortcut Keys References."


The only big "bug" I can see that still exists, is that I can't start playing (auditioning) big files at any point beyond one-hour-forty-minutes, but I have confirmed that any effects I apply to files bigger than 1:40 are getting properly applied to the whole file. (I've tested files as large as two hours.)


For my money ($38 in this case), I'm quite happy -- considering the only other thing I know of that's available on the current market with this many features costs $299.



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