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capturing audio


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Running Win 7.


AS far as I can tell, you can only capture Audio along with the screen video using a microphones. Why isn't there an option to capture the streaming audio?


Thee only way I have found to do this is to use a dubbing cable from speaker out to the mic in; not very satisfactory.


Am I missing something?



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Debut will take sound from your speakers when you select [Options]\[Devices]tab, under [Audio] check the [Capture Sound] check box, then check the [speakers] check box, then hit [OK]



This allows Debut to apply sound from speakers during its recordings of webinars that I watch.


Best regards.


:) Marv

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Yeah mate, you are missing the big 'Options' icon on the topmost part of the Debut window. It has a picture of a Spanner and Screwdriver.

Click this then make sure you are in the 'Devices' tab of the following popup window.


If you look down, you should find some audio options regarding wether or not you want to record sound and where you want to record from.

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