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Keep Crashing upon save to slideshow

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I've created an awesome slideshow, about 10 minutes long with music. All works great but when I go to save the slideshow, no matter what format, the production times at about 6-9% and an error message comes up that the program has crashed. I've tried burning to DVD, CD, creating an AVI or FLV, everytime its the same. So frustrating! Does anyone have a guess as to what might be wrong?

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I had the EXACT same experience, only I got a bit further with a 7:25 presentation. Got to 39% using *.avi and 53% using *.mp4 but no difference. Tried letting it go overnight and didn't get any further. The software was GREAT to use with effects and music editors and looked fine in Preview mode, but that was NOT how I wanted to have to use it.

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I get the same problem - but only with some picture collections, not others. The error I get is "x264enc5.exe has stopped working". It would be nice if the program could display something more helpful, to indicate the nature of the problem e.g. maybe it doesn't like a particular image file, in which case it would be helpful to know which one. Or maybe the size of the picture collection is too large (mine typically contain 200 images with a total folder size of around 600 MB) - but other collections of similar size work fine. All images are JPG. I add no soundtrack, display each image for 10 seconds, with a 0.5 second crossfade, saving to AVI format. Pretty simple, so what could go wrong? Well, something does!

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I have the latest version of Photostage (5.14) and am also frustratingly experiencing the same freezing of the program. While I am sometimes lucky to save a completed show,  I am completely unable to export the show to any format that is available.  Doesn't any of the software developers read and respond to obviously persistent glitches to try help those who invested in the software. Very poor customer relations in leaving it to other users to sort out problems   

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