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Paymentscaptured not showing in the income statement.

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Hi All


I am new to Express accounts.I just started using the application and captured a few customers and invoices.I then captured payments made by the customers that i received into the Checking Account.My problem is that the payments that i have received are not showing on the income statement and i dont know what i am doing wrong.

Please help.

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Let's step thru a received payment/check from a customer to see if this will help you.

From the Home Screen/Window:

1. click Apply A Customer Payment > 2. you should see a Payment window > 3.click drop down arrow next to Customer: choose the customer 4. there is a button next to Invoice: -- this window will display a list of the Invoices for this customer + the Invoice # - Date - Ref Payment # --- this tells you that the invoice has been paid. Also on the Payment window you'll see a space titled Reference # here you can enter the check # or info that is on a customer's check--this helps if you need to correspond with a customer regarding payments received.

Also from the Home Screen / window > on the Menu bar click View button and from the drop down menu choose payments you should see a list of invoices & payments received.


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