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cursor focus is inconsistent


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I use Express Dictate software with Microsoft Word. I leave the Express dictate software open on my desktop all day long. However, the problem I run into is when I open a new (existing) Microsoft Word document. the cursor entry point does not behave as one would expect it should.


So here is the workflow as it happens:

I open the Word document, then I click the express dictate software to bring it to focus, then I click "new dictation" using my Philips speech Mike Pro. At this point, the name of the previously dictated document appears in the naming field and is highlighted, waiting for entry of the new dictation name. As it appears, the cursor is blinking and sitting in the field ready to accept the name of the new dictation. However, when I start typing, instead of typing a new name for the new dictation, the text appears in the Microsoft Word document. Then I have to physically backspace to remove the characters, and manually click the cursor to bring the focus back to the new dictation naming field.


So, in essence, when "new dictation" is selected, and the field to enter a new dictation name is highlighted, the cursor should be there, ready to accept text. However, it is not...

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