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Bug in New version

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Upgrading to version 4.01 I have now noticed all my customers terms have been changed to paid by default.


This is a big issue because if your not careful and just recored the invoice without looking it throws everything out.



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Hi Graham,


Just notice that and also there is another bug.


If you select "COD" you can change the days but if you select "Pay in days" you can not change it.




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I have found another bug if you use the purchas (ie invoice from suppliers add stock) to add stock to the sales items it. It takes it away instade of adding it to the stock table.


this is how I found this.


1. added a new item to the stock table, but did not add qty in.

2. added the invoice from suppliers and added the qty that I got from them for the item added (which qty was about a 100 of that item.

3. was checking the stock that evening and notice that the new item that I just got in stock was showing a -100 and I sold none.

4. I tred tryed selling 10 of them to a test account to see what would happen and it went to a -110.


Not good.



I was going to buy this software but with bugs like that its not good.




PS I have also just reported this bug

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I have also downloaded version 4.02 and I have notice that they fixed the COD and the pay in days bug.


They have fixed the bug that I was talking about.


if you add a purchases that you made it does not take put the stock in to a - figuer and it does not add to it.


If you use it to track stock as well and what you order from who as well you have to creat a purchas order before you can enter the invoice if you what it to up date the stock.


Maybe it me but I think this is a long way of doing it. If it is a new item of stock you will have to enter it first before you can creat a purchas order for it.


what do you think and also how to you look after stock if you have stock

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