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Eyeline Video Surveillance Randomly works

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My tab settings for the eyeline options are as follows.


GENERAL:_______1/. "Run eyeline automatically on startup" is ticked.

2/. "Run Mode" is "Start when any user logs on".


CAMERA:________1/. Camera name is listed and the "Video Output Settings" format is .mp4


DISPLAYS:______1/. There is nothing here and the drop down box holds nothing to choose.


MAIN DISPLAY:__1/. "Alert and display on motion" is the only option selected.


TRANSMIT:______1/. Nothing here is selected as I have all videos saved to the default folder which I clear out daily and save in a seperate network shared folder manually after viewing them.


MOTION:________1/. My email address is entered and i have "Log motion to master log" selected.

2/. Motion start delay is set to 0.

3/. Extra motion time is set to 10 seconds (so the program is set to save 10 seconds either side of motion detection).


WEB ACCESS:____1/. Server is online.

2/. Both links Local & Public are configured for...

Local web access port 25. Automatic mode as well as the address at

Public web access port 25. I have my own static IP address.


3/. My login account simply has admin as the username with no password (this part i was a little unsure of.


After installing the software and setting up the camera the program ran OK but as usual that did not last too long and I had to get back in and fiddle with the settings until it seemed to respond and start recording when it was supposed to (on the detection of motion).

It seems just a little odd that the settings do not stay consistent after being set and saved and they require an everchanging time consuming routine of fiddling to get the camera to record when someone is entering the premises. Needless to say the piece of mind this software was suppossed to give me is rapidly dwindling away after each attempt to get the settings to take and remain consistent.

The settings sometimes remain in place after a system restart of the reception computer, other times nothing at all happens. My concern is that the problems are very random and seem not to have any rhyme nor reason to them.

I would have paid more for a substantial pictorial step by step setup for this software without allowing me to think that I could set it up with very little difficulty myself. I can follow simple instructions, I work in the IT industry, I have no reason to think it would be so fiddly.

Does anyone else have this or similar problems that want to swap notes on various problems and solutions as I kind of feel a little ripped off in regard to the purchasing of technical support as an added extra when you would think it would be sold as part of the initial setup. It seems too much like a hidden cost which now seems a little too premeditated. Who knows.

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