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purchase orders confusion


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I am using the newest version of Express Accounts. I began entering my purchases that I have made since the beginning of the month for my new business. As I am receiving receipts and invoices from other companies that I made purchases from, I am creating purchase orders for them. However, when I go to apply a payment to those companies, it shows that there is a $0 balance. Now, some of the companies I work with, I have worked with for years and I do not have to pay them up front. So, my question is. How do I mark a purchase order for stock received or ordered as not being paid yet? And how do I show in the software that I have made a payment? I am just curious and confused.

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I'll try to answer your question. Let's look at a simple answer 1st. On the Home screen/window click on the word Transactions it's just above the Payment icon. From the drop down menu click on Write Checks. In the Checks window you can choose the supplier you purchased an item from & then fill in the rest of the information. Back on the Home screen / window click on the word View and from the drop down menu choose checks here you can view the checks written / issued and to which company. While the checks show as "open" I confess I don't know how to have them change to cashed / processed or ? I've reconciled the account but I have not loaded my local bank statement, that maybe the missing piece of the "open" check question.

Make sure you enter the $$$ amount of each check/transaction in both of the Amount space and the Account allocation space.

Hope this helps


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