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IVM Message Notification


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Recently purchased the IVM software and the recommended TELCTAS4/SHT-8B PCI Telephony board. The software and hardware are installed in a Windows 7 box.


We have figured out how to get the IVM to answer an incoming call, and how to transfer calls to the IVM (for the most part).


The problem we are having is getting the IVM to activate the message light on the station phones when there is a new message. The PBX code to turn the light on when there is a new message is 701 and 700 to turn off the message light when messages are checked. We have tried the following codes:



701XXX (XXX is the extension # of the station)





When I use 701/701XXX I get the following error:

Call attempt failed - cannot get a dialtone on the line

Outbound call 701 not answered

Call disconnected


When I use ",,," or "!" IVM freaks out and crashes.


Any help and suggestions would be appreciated.


Thank you for your time,


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