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I have been watching a replay of a documentary and wanted to capture some full-screen images of the Titanic,

but whenever I have the picture switched to "full-screen" Debut's snap-shot feature will not work?

I would have thought this was how most people would want to capture snap-shots, however it only works in normal view?

This a feature that needs to be worked on and improved.



Is there a hot-key to "close Debut to the Tray"



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I found this on another owners topic...


Could it be that using the "Print-Screen" feature is what I am looking for, and would work to do what I want?

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As of the 1.61 vertion of Debut there isn't a hotkey for minamising the program. You can however, make a hotkey for your snapshots and keep Debut minamised.


As for your problem however, have you tried just taking a normal PrtScrn (Print Screen)? Should do the trick. Just chop of the image later for your needs.

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