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Curser Flashing


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I was recording a Rolling Stones concert off the web, but the curser was flasing the whole time Debut was recording?

Is this a known issue?

It did not seem to affect the recording or application, but was un-usual.


My ISP was probably at "peak-load" at that time,

However I would not have thought this would affect the application?

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I think I've found the answer myself.

I think the flashing is the "highlight" feature of Debut, to let you know that it is currently recording.


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The 'Highlight Cursor' feature isn't to let you know that you are recording, it's for IT educational purposes during tutorials and such. I'm sure it has other benifets too.

For anyone else who hasn't a clue what he's talking about. The 'Options>Record>Highlight Cursor' is the function he was ignorant of.

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