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Pre-purchase questions

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Can someone please help me with how many user licenses we would require for an office of 5 staff where only 2 need to be able to change data and the rest simply to be able to view? Looking at the Software License Terms it states 'To use the software for professional purposes, you must purchase (register) a license for each location (address) where the software will be used.' Does that therefore mean for one location we would only require the one license?


A few other things we are concerned about before purchasing I'm hoping people can answer;


How secure is the web access? Is there a possibility of people being able to hack into our account and see our stock information? Also, can this function simply be turned on and off for when people are out of the office?


Has anyone run this over a server? We currently run via Microsoft server and ideally would like to be able to install the program on that for every one to access.

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I tested this software fairly extensively. You may want to do so, as well, prior to purchase. It may do what you expect, but be careful about making assumptions. Test every feature you will depend on, and make sure it does exactly what you expect.


As you can see from other posts, there are many complaints, and not much in the way of satisfactory answers or solutions. True, it's not expensive--but every dollar you pay is a full, 100% working dollar...

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