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No Folder for my Ripped tracks

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I had no idea when I purchased this product that it would save the ripped tracks loose in my Music Folder. They must be located in a folder of their own. I cannot use a long list of tracks and link them with iTunes and be able play them as they are on the original CD. Is there anyway to create a folder first, and then link it to the ripped tracks? This software is useless me otherwise.


Anyone have any answers to my problem, please let me know, otherwise I won't use this ripper anymore. How sad....what a waste of money :angry:

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Perhaps your answer is less obvious than this, or maybe this is what you need.

Before ripping, you have the option to chose the output folder. Click on the browse button to choose or create an output folder destination. (You should also choose the output format and settings.) Once the files are ripped to this folder, you can clear the ExpressRip window by ejecting the source cd.


I work on a pc with version ExpressRip1.43, which works fabulously for me, although I have no experience with iTunes. Best of luck

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