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WavePad v4.03 "Record" button displays corrupted screen dialog

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I have been using WavePad Master's Editon. It's paid for and registered, however it's beyond the silly 90-day time period to get support from NCH.


The problem is that it displays the "Record" dialog screen improperly. The fields within that screen overlap each other, and some of them aren't even visible. It seems to be "scrunched up" as though the dialog box isn't big enough to fit all the fields within it. And, NCH Developers never saw fit to make the dialog screen resizeable (manually)!! There are no controls on the sides/corners to resize it. They didn't follow Microsofts guidelines for good programming interfaces! Geeesh.


(I tried to attach a jpg image of that screen, but this forum is too weak to allow it!).

I've tried changing my Windows XP Home Edition screen resolution to several other settings, but that had no effect.


I fear uninstalling and then attempting to reinstall the program because of the registration "key" issues that seem to always happen with NCH. I own the Master's Edition, and I "did" have the original downloaded file on my hard drive, until NCH over-wrote it when I downloaded what I thought was a "fix" update for it (my installed version). I did not install the file which I downloaded; I merely downloaded it to my hard for use later.


NCH's file naming convention is rediculous. Every download file, no matter which version it's downloading, is named exactly the same! (wpsetup.exe, or something like that). There's not even a version number, nor a date included within the download file. No wonder it wrote over my purchased version I had saved!


Before I lose total control of the entire program (due to re-registration idiosyncrasies), I'm hoping that someone can tell me how to fix this one, simple issue. The dialog screen is corrupted.


NOTE: I had to edit my previous post (above) to make it more clear, and to fix some mistakes in it.

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I guess it's only appropriate that I write this now, especially after I ranted so much, earlier. At least, I got to "blow-off some steam, due to my frustration).


I wrote to NCH Tech Support about a few problems I was having with my WavePad Master's Edition. The very next day, a person named Rommel responded to me with exactly the kind of support I hoped for, and needed! He did a great job.

My program is now running perfectly again.


So, not everything is always as bad as I sometimes feel it is. However, I still wish some of my former complaints about NCH's "policies" would change. I believe it hurts customers and the company's reputation. But, today I'm feeling quite happy, after the great support I got from Rommel.


Note: I posted this same message in other topics, as well.

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