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VP 2.12: panning mono audio


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If I understand you correctly, you want a stero effect of the sound track moving left, presumably to match the visuals. and you have a mono sound.


Track 1 and all the others, as far as I know, play in stereo and I don't think there is a function within VP to separate the channels left and right. No good trying to fade from one track to another as all you are doing is simply fading out/in both channels and there will be no effect. I think the only way you can do it is to use an external sound file program.




PS I manipulate my sound files with a program called XZoom which will enable me to split a mono channel sound into two channels and then after manipulation of the fades etc.allows me to save them back as a stereo signal.

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Thanks Nat. Im new to VP and do appreciate your very kind helpfulness.


Re stereo field settings... well, if VP doesnt do panning, I guess I could always mixdown my tracks first externally in Audacity or WavePad and then import the result into VP hoping all pan settings will be maintained. But will they?


John in Rome

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Just had a go at creating the effect you are after and yes, you can do it...


I am assuming you are going to use the sound from your video clip. So..


Open VP and load the video clip into the Media list and then right click it followed by the option "Save audio track as a separate file" The audio will then appear in the Media list.


Right click the audio clip and then select "Edit in external editor". It should open up in Wavepad (might prompt you to load wavepqad if you don't have it already)


In wavepad left click the Effects tab and select "Stereo pan"

Now click the "Select preset" button followed by "Pan Left" and "Apply"

Check it plays in the left channel and save to the desktop as "left.wav"


Now go back to Videopad and repeat the procedure with the audio clip but this time in wavepad select "Pan right". save as "right.wav"


You now have two sound bites on the desktop. (or whereever you decided to put them)

Load them to the Media list and then drag them to Soundtrack 1 and soundtrack 2 respectively.


Line them both up exactly with the audio track and then mute the video clip so only right.wav and left.wav will be heard when the project is played. (You can magnify the tracks to get the match exact using the slider at the bottom right of the screen.)


Playing the clip at this point should produce a centralised sound effect, not a great deal different from the original (muted) track.


Now, by carefully fading in or fading out the starts and finishes of the two tracks - obviously one will be the mirror of the other,- you can fairly easily get your panning sound effect to match the video clip.


Note: You can click the respective sound track to display it in the left hand preview window and then click on and drag the horizonal yellow line up/down to control the position of and the levels of the audio in the clip. You don't have to use just the fade in/out options. You can create multiple audio levels in each clip.


It might take a few attempts but it will work.



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