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trouble synching multiple audio


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Hello all,


Im having trouble making a music video using VP PRO of me singing and playing acoustic guitar for YouTube.


Ive recorded both the video and audio together with a Zoom Q3HD camera. The output is a .MOV file. I also simultaneously recorded the audio on a digital multitrack recorder using two high end condenser mics - I recorded guitar on one track, vocals on another. I recorded a loud handclap at the beginning of the take as a synching reference cue.


I then imported the resultant files - i.e. the video .MOV file plus the two external .WAV files - into VP PRO version 2.22 for mixdown.


However I have not been able to line the audio tracks up precisely. I find Im unable to make a fine enough adjustment to the positions of Tracks 2 and 3 to get all the handclaps EXACTLY in sync, both which each other and with the video audio track. I'm hoping this is just due to my inexperience with VP.


Any help most appreciated. Am more than happy to post the files in question if required.



John in Rome


p.s. perhaps VP is not the right choice of editor for this kind of sync work involving multiple audio. If so, would greatly appreciate suggestions of alternative(s) to check out.

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< If you enlarge the sequence with the slider on the lower right it will become more precise although you will have slide the sequence along to locate your point of interest >


Hi Nat,

Thanks so much for your very helpful reply. I hadnt noticed the slider! All is well now!!


Well, almost, but I had better post a new topic.


Meanwhile thanks again.



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