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Debug program has bugs- typist's email address- pls reply


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Re ticket: #XDZ-22534-568


Dear technical support: I purchased v 5.23 on Feb 10. Today is Mar 6 and it still does not work properly. It does not accept my typist's email address- "invalid email address." You sent a "debug" program to me on Feb 28. It also is non-working. Execute file causes error messages and program does not install. I sent you the screen shots of the debug program with the error messages on Mar 2. I am asking that you stay in touch with me to get this fixed. Or refund my money. I am willing to transfer the purchase to the web version, if the web version has been properly tested and is ready for the public. This experience with Express Dictate is very disappointing. I used v 4.03 for 6 years with absolutely no problems. I have asked that you stay in touch with me, and days go by with no reply ... The problem version (v 5.23) cost me $79 and I am unable to use it.

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