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Every 20 seconds a new client attaches to the webserver


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This is really bizzare - I have set this product up successfully before so I know what it takes to make it work and the router is not the problem. I am setting Broadwave on a more reliable machine hence the move. Of course I get a failed port 88 connection when I run the test but I've seen it work even with that message. Once I start the server the local and external site pages properly display. But every twenty seconds a new client attaches to a Broadwave Live 2 stream that I did not initiate. It references the client as coming from my external facing IP address. And if I let it run it will just keep adding a new client every 20 seconds. I reimaged the machine and started fresh and am getting the same thing. What is equally strange is that if I remove the stream I am running Windows XP on a P5QPL-AM series MB with Realtek HD Audio and Netgear WN311T wireless PCI Adapter.

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Seems like something is trying to attach to that port. Try first of all disconnecting the internet connection (unplug the router fromt he phone line) and see if it stops. If it does, then use either the router's logging or a program like Wireshark to see where the connections are coming from.


You'll need to know your local address and Wireshark will display the source IP address. The use http://whois.domaintools.com to find out who is originating the external connections.

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