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I do this all the time with my Express Dictate program. There is a feature within Dragon Naturally Speaking called "auto transcribe folder agent", which will do this process for you quite nicely. The following setup assumes that you use Dragon Dictate with the auto transcribe feature to begin with. Set it up as follows: install a working copy on a machine which is connected to your other work stations...im assuming you will use a machine that is functioning as your server. Once the Dragon Naturally speaking is set up on your central machine, set the "Dragon auto transcribe folder agent" to automatically run in the background. When you set up auto transcribe on the server, you will be asked to configure two directories, one for your input audio files (wav files) coming from Express Dictate, and the second one, a target directory where the text file will be deposited once it has been transcribed. In my office I keep one copy of Dragon with my voice configuration files on my server, and I have Express Dictate set up on three other work stations. On each work station, configure Express Dictate to deposit the dictated file into the designated folder (input audio files) on your server. Each time a dictation is done on a remote station, the wave file is deposited into the "Input audio files" target directory on the server. Here it gets transcribed,and then transferred into the destination folder. Also, when you set up Express Scribe for your transcriptionist, it is configured to automatically poll the "transcribed files" folder on the server, so that any time a new dictation comes thru, the receptionist/transcriptionist gets a popup flag in her system tray to indicate a new dictation has been done (set up in the Express Scribe program). My transcriptionist then takes the rough draft (text file) and polishes it up with corrections and formatting. Works great.


One caveat to this is that you cannot use both auto transcribe and Dragon Dictate simultaneously on the same machine. Which is fine as long as you are dictating on one machine, and have the wav file go to another machine (in my case, my server) for the transcription.

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