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About the item received history and sell history


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Hi everybody,



I have been using this software for a while and find it quite easy to use.

However, I can't find a way to change / delete the record in the receive/sell history.

Could anyone advise me how to change or delte the record? In case of wrong entry of sell/receive, how can we correct it?


Please help. Thank you. :)

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by the way, my inventoria version is v3.02, and all of my colleuage use IE to access it

I have try to download a new inventoria from you website, which is v3.09, and inside, I tested about the receive history and sell history, i found that it's very easy to delete wrong records inside the program.


This software is purchased by my boss, and he keep asking me how the things done. But I doubt that to delete records we need administrate authority.

Please comment on how we can solve the problem.

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