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Audio Dtream Config


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Everything seems to be working for me I change all the settings ports ETC. Accept when I listen to the stream all i hear is the Mic in Itunes and Windows Media. I cant Stream the Audio I want to, Ive changed all the audio settings one by one in Broadwave but Still no Luck. Its Doing my head in..

Is it a Vista problem?.. Id say Broadwave be Grand, if I can config the Input options none of them seem to work on the Drop down list and Vista doesnt give you much options either

Just a begginer here

anyone Able to advise :


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In Windows 7, you would to the following, it's probably similar in Vista (I've not tried Vista).


- right-click the audio icon in the system tray, select recording devices.

- right-click Rec Playback and select it as the default device.


The mic is selected by default, and that's why you stream the mic.

Broadwave will stream whatever you play, as selected in the recording devices. Rec Playback means whatever is selected in the Playback, and will play Windows Media Player, iTunes, etc.

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