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Multiple user support

Guest N_C_H_KH

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Guest N_C_H_KH

It seems some users are having some difficulty with the new v1.13 in regards to multiple user support.


On install, KeyBlaze should display a setup wizard where you will provide a user name, a password, a security question and the answer to that question.


When the wizard completes, the login dialog will come up, where you can select the newly created user and enter the password you gave yourself.


If you fail 3 times to provide the correct login details, you will be asked your security question, and if answered correctly, you will be shown your password.


By default, the user who installed the software will be the administrator on that machine and will be able to control all other user accounts, including the ability to allow other users to manage accounts.


In the program options, you can specify whether or not you wish to automatically log on whoever was using KeyBlaze last - this allows quicker startup for single user installations.


Hope this clarifies some of the confusion...

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