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We have had nothing but issues with this software from day one.


Here are the issues.


Flash video streams

We can get the link for local to broadcast both video and audio but the public link starts out by saying – “Connecting to Flash Server” in green and then “couldn’t connect to Flash Server. For more information click here” in red. When you click it talks about port 1935 being open in the router which it is.


JPG-image streams

When we first started using the program both the local and public links worked great. Now for some reason both the local and public links will only display video but won’t play audio.


Windows Media Video streams

Both local and public play video and audio but the quality sucks.

When I run the Web Routing and Test Wizard I will either get a message saying that the “uPnp router configuration has changed” or “Connection test failed. Please ckeck the router’s firewall in not blocking TCP/IP port 86 and your computer firewall in not blocking port 86” but sometime the Wizard will say everything is working as it should.


I have run the PRPortChecker program on both port 86 and port 1935 and everything is good. The Windows firewall is turned off.


Any help would be great[/font]

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