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Beginner to call-in dictation

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I am an absolute beginner that needs a call-in dictation system. I have read all the information on DialDictate, but I can't really understand it. There are so many acronyms I am not familiar with. Do I need multiple telephone land lines or do I need Internet lines? Is there anywhere I can read about DialDictate in layman terms? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hello, I am also in a same boat. If I go with VOIP softphone from Vonage, do I need to have multiple phone numbers from vonage to have 8 dictators call in at a time? or should I go with Axon Virtual PBX? If I go with AXON, still do I need to have multiple phone lines from Vonage?


I would appreciate if you could please share your thoughts on this. Thanks a lot.

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You need the following two things to have call-in system:


1. DialDictate software

2. VoIP account (I would recommend CallCentric.com)


Get the DialDictate installed on a computer/server and customize it according to your requirements. It is not that tough, quite easy. You only need one VoIP account and you can have multiple channels on a single phone number.


good luck!

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