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Invoice numbers rounding down a penny?

Guest Brian Garrett

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Guest Brian Garrett

I've been using the demo of Express Invoice. Not a bad product so far - however there's a strange bug that I've run across that would be a deal killer if there isn't a solution. When entering in a transaction (which I've done several of), I would enter in something like 7.4 hours of time to be billed at $10/hr. That should come out to $74 - right? Well, the software would enter the total at $73.99. I have no idea how it got the idea that I needed to loose a penny of the transaction. I've done several transactions using the same method and it really is hit and miss when it will round that penny down. Sometimes it will, other times it won't. There's no rhyme or reason as to why it's doing that.


Anyone else experience something like that - and how did you fix it?





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