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Opening Audio File Failed - WAV

Guest Dasgeek

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Guest Dasgeek

I am testing Express Scribe Mac. It looks great and my USB pedal controls the software perfectly.


My problem is with a wav audio format that I am trying to use.


I have 8,000Hz u-Law wav files that I need to use in Express Scribe. I get an error "opening audio file failed" when I load the audio file. I can play the file in QuickTime but it will not play in Express Scribe.


I can play sample.wav file downloaded from the NCH website in Express Scribe but I cannot play the 8kulaw.wav file that I downloaded from the sample files page. If QuickTime can play the file, why can't Express Scribe.


Just as a note, Express Dictate will play the 8,000Hz u-Law wav files.


Any suggestions?

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Guest Dasgeek

Nobody can tell me why I can play an audio file format in QuickTime but not in the Express Scribe for Mac.


I guess Express Scribe does not use the QuickTime codecs for audio playback?

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