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Cant Listen While Recording (unanswered since 2008)

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The topic "Listen While Recording" at http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=8818 posted in 2008 remains unanswered! I have the same dilemma:


PRIOR to installing RecordPad, I could use my WIN-XP (SP3) 60-second Sound-Recorder and listen DURING recording.


Now that Ive installed it, I cant hear anything during the recording phase which makes it difficult to know when I want to stop recording. Playback is fine and the recording is good. I have checked my OS'es "Master Volume" and "Recording Controls" and nothing is Muted and all volume controls are up high. I have checked Microphone and Output audio properties and everythings fine there too. Also, I tried simply to use the old XP Sound Recorder again but now I can no longer listen while recording that either! Your product has apparently "jacked" my audio properties and you have not resolved this for TWO-YEARS?!!


Please dont make me wait another two years for an answer to this posting. I will post a duplicate of this question at CNET.com's Media/Audio Forum. Thanks.



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I also just discovered this.

I contacted customer services and the fast reply was...


"This is currently not possible."


I feel it is almost a no brainer to be able to listen to what you are recording and have submitted it as an idea.

maybe if you and others do the same??


have fun regardless.



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