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Not able to get past the router tests...


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Okay, let me start off by saying it is 1:24am here and I am tired and frustrated. I have been working at this for 5 hours.


I downloaded BroadCam,as well as BroadWave to put on the website for the online radio station I am starting up. I have been playing around with different kinds of streaming software and I REALLY like BroadCam; however, I would like it better if I could get it working outside of my house! As soon as I do, I will throw the links on my soon to be completed website so the world can know about NCH Software!


Here is what I have done so far and here is what is happening. It plays my music and streams it perfectly via WMP ONLY from any computer in my house. If someone from outside my house tries to access it via the links on my website, it says 'page cannot be displayed'. Now, when I do the connection test in the BroadCam software, it says to configure my 'port forwarding' on my router (D-Link DIR 615 Ver.E) to using port 86 (same IP addy but Port 88 for the BroadWave software). I have done this and no luck, it says 'connection to port 86 has failed'. I have called D-Link the first time and they took me into the firewall settings and had me enable on 'DMZ Host'. He told me this would open ALL the ports on my router and it would work. So I did it...and guess what?! It didn't work. So I played with it some more trying more things and no luck. So I call D-Link again and explain everything to him and he says "What is the IP Address for the BroadCam software?'. I told him I had no idea. He said that we need that address to open the ports on the router. So I am on another journey to find it.


I read a few other posts on here and tried that website www.ipaddy.com to see what my personal IP is here, and I changed that in my router settings, as well as in the BroadCam software. Still no luck! So therefore, I am turning to everyone here for help. I don't know what to do next, and I don't know what the heck that D-Link dude is talking about for the software IP Address. I am sure if I can get this BroadCam working, then the BroadWave will be easy as pie to get working also.


Please anyone and everyone help me, when it comes to getting this working I am 'dying from starvation' if you catch my drift. I am about to go to bed but I hope to see some replies and maybe 'the cure' to this dilemma when I get up.



MANY thanks to everyone who rescues me!



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these things can be a real pain.


Lets find ip adresses first. There are 2 addresses to be concerned with -- your external public ip (which is what the outside world uses to see you and ALL devices inside your house) And the internal ip of the machine which the server software is on.



External-- go to whatismyip.com

Internal-- open up a command line window (start-cmd) type ipconfig /all at the dos prompt -- the address that starts with 192.168 (not the default gateway) is your "broadcom" address.



Now what has to be done is what you have stated--- tell your router that any external inbound traffic on port 86 gets routed to 192.168.x.x:86 whatever the ipconfig said above. If your local connection sees the camera when you type in on the server machine or the local ip address on another machine on the network, you are most likely opertaional regardless of what broadcom says, assuming your router has all outbound traffic unblocked.

Now here is where I think your problem is....


You cant use an internal machine to check an external connection, and I find broadcom test is unreliable for the external connection.


let me know if you make any progress.......

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