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Files not being added in...


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Haven't had any probs until this past week or so. Using version 3.11. For some weird reason no matter how often I pull in files from the 'explorer' window on a load/delete, it somehow manages to only pull in around 85-90 percent yet still deleting the others, with the net result that I think I've finished a batch of typing, only to discover I haven't and have to go through the files manually to locate them, and then pull them in singly, as opposed to highlighting an entire batch. This is a repetitive problem in that I can unzip the files once more, and repeat the process and it will still only pull in 2/3 missing different ones each time - sometimes only loses 1 other times up to 4 or more. I count the files I'm pulling in so I know I'm selecting the right number.


Only change I've made to system recently is installing an antivirus program - (AVG).


Running Win XP on a 1800 processor with Word/Office XP. Just totally bemused as to what's happened to cause this problem, and would like to figure out a fix.


Hope someone has some possible ideas for what is usually a superb product!! :unsure:

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