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Playlist music selections expiring...

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Currently I use two Sony CDP-CX455 (400 Compact Disc) changers linked to que each other and play music selections from over 100 discs for the Christmas holiday season and more than 300 discs for the rest of the year. Sony no longer manufactures these units and they were the only compact disc carousel player with the random que feature. One has been sent out for refurbishing about 2 years ago and now the other one is getting finicky and skipping selections. I need to find another alternative for my music on hold library.


I downloaded the latest demo version of BMS and have been familiarizing myself with the product to see if it suits my needs.


I created a sample playlist from music files added to the library and instead of the play list continuing or starting over again in "random order" as I thought was the correct selection in "options" the songs expire one by one until the list is empty and then the software starts playing random songs from the library.


If I wanted to create say a Playlist entitled "Holiday Music" and have it play automatically every time the computer and software starts, to continually play selections randomly until at such time I replaced it with another play list or deleted it. It seems that after every selection on the "playlist" has been completed the list is then empty and deleted rather than starting over again.


Is there a limit to how many selections can be added to any one play list?


The ability for the software to "stop playing" at a user set specific time, say at the end of the business day, and to then shut the computer down afterward would be useful. Auto start is not a problem, as external a clock timer can power the PC on to boot the and start the BMS music software automatically.


These seem like some basic tasks the software should be able to do out of the box.

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