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How to Capture Video on Mac


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You may want to capture video of your desktop activity to create a demo of software running on Mac, then upload to your website to give a stunning presentation of the software to your potential customers. Sometimes you want to capture video from your camcorder with Mac. You can do those with QuickTime X, but you will find one of the disadvantages is that it can not recorder internal sound. It is a big pity, right?


The article below will introduce great Mac video capture software-Screen Capture for Mac, and how to do video capture for Mac step by step.


Main Features of Screen Capture for Mac

Capture a video of what you see on your desktop at the same time as your video camera, microphone and computer's audio, and then fine-tune the video according to your needs. This Mac video capture software provides an easy way to do it. The finished result is a QuickTime or Windows Media movie, ready for publishing to your website or blog.


Capture Video Mac has multifunctional features. With this ideal tool, you can capture your favorite sites easily and edit them on this tool as you like. It's available for you to partially capture any part of desktop, videos, websites or other pictures on your computer window.




Capture video on Mac with a few simple clicks

Step1: After installing the Screen Capture for Mac, launch Screen Capture for Mac and you will be presented with the Recording dialog below. Use default settings or choose the device you wish to capture screen from, and press the record button.

Step2: If you finish your recording, press command-shift-2 to stop recording. Screen Capture for Mac creates a new document of newly captured video, as shown below.

Step3: Then you can edit the video you captured according to the guide as you like style, upload to your website like YouTube as shown below.

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