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Using SoundTap and VRS


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I have SoundTap v2.03 and VRS v5.36 installed on my Windows 7 PC with a working SoundMax sound card. I am trying to record an audio stream from the internet using SoundTap. I want to have that stream recorded by VRS as indicated on the website (http://www.nch.com.au/soundtap/index.html).


SoundTap requires the "VRS Server" information and the "VRS Access Code". I entered "" for the VRS Server. I found this IP address under the "options" then "network" tab in VRS. Was this the correct information to use in the "VRS Server" field?


I did not know what to enter for "VRS Access Code" so I left it blank. As a result of the above described configuration I was not able to record streams directly to VRS through SoundTap. I need to know how to properly configure both SoundTap and VRS so that they work together.


Please help.

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