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Provide Number Prefix Example Please

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Hi guys. This question might seem silly but I've seriously googled my fingers raw and can't find an answer to what should be a common question. When using the caller blocking functionality, you can block calls based on caller id. That works fine with specific numbers eg: 555-555-5555. The IVM instructions state you can also block calls based on a number prefix, which will block all calls starting with the desired prefix. To date I have been unable to get that to work however. I use semicolons to block all numbers that are known eg: 111-111-1111; 222-222-2222; etc. But when I try to block all of the 888, 800 numbers, I can't get it to work. I've tried using %888%, 888*, +888, etc but nothing stops all numbers starting with 888, IVM just ignores my entries and lets all the calls though.


So what is the proper usage of a "number prefix" to block all calls with that prefix. Please provide a specific example. Your documentation should probably be updated with that also to help out other folks like me.

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I don't see anything in IVM 5.04 Help about blocking by partial CID...at least not in the global settings...submit a feature request.


It can be cobbled together in a chain of startup OGM's and/or an external app that you pass in the CID and it returns a local variable (true/false) that you can then use to direct how the call proceeds (or not).

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