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Thanks in advance for any help provided.


I was able to install the software easily, and to observe it working as far as capturing and redirecting audio through wmp. However, I have been unable to access the stream through my router. I logged into my router and configure port 88 - failed the wizard test. Tried several different port numbers - each time the router set the port appropriately, but I still could not get the wizard to pass the test. I disconnected the router and went straight to the internet (broadband connection), still could not pass the test.


I would like to buy this product and put it to use, but I cannot seem to get outside of my own computer.


Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "wizard test".


If you can connect to Broadwave from another computer on your own internal network, then Broadwave and its PC's firewall is configured fine.


Now you need to open that port number on your modem/router and direct that port to the Broadwave PC.


Then connect to it using your public IP address in place of the internal network address. E.g. if your Broadwave PC is, replace that part with your public IP address (see www.ipaddy.com or similar).


Be aware that you might have to try it from a different PC somewhere else on the internet, e.g. get a friend to try to connect from their house. This is because not all domestic modem/routers permit what's called "NAT Loopback".


NAT Loopback lets you use your own public IP address locally, from within your network, and the router will re-route the request back inside as if the request had come from outside. If your router doesn't support NAT Loopback, then you cannot use your public IP address internally, it will always be blocked.


So, if you think everything is configured correctly on your router, but it doesn't work with the public IP address, then get a friend to try it and see if it works from there.

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