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Call timed-out - lnntfRecordComplete

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Hi, I'm using BBP Global VOIP and one of my author's work was cut off (and unfortunately he didn't realise until he tried to send the dictation and received no prompt). This is what it says in the log:


19:05:40 lnntfRecordComplete

19:07:19 John Smith Call timed-out while recording

19:07:20 John Smith Disconnected due to call timeout

19:07:20 John Smith Sending dictation

19:07:20 Call has disconnected

19:07:20 Compressing file: dd111111-70001111 (John Smith)

19:07:20 Compression complete.

19:07:20 Copy file to network folder: D:\John Smith\Dictation

19:07:20 File transfer complete.


Immediately prior to this he had pressed the record key and was speaking when he was cut-off.


Does anyone know what this means, and how to prevent it from happening again? Thanks & regards - Cath

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