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Suport or Lack there of for this software


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We am very confused about a number of issues with this software. I have IT manager and we find your lack of support re the forums fustrating ( because there is little or no support from the experts and the paid support seems a waste of time. Although we paid for support it looks as though they want you to pay again when you try to contact them. There is no basic help like a chat line or a direct remote desktop setup computer control system. It is all very australian outback, number 8 wire support.


First I had some some basic questions. We are using most of your software suites. If you are using IVR with Axon is extention 500 and 501 used or are they made redunant by 198 and 199. Second if using Quorum based on a conferece phone is it possible using uplink to have a number of skype users dial into it at will during a conference. We are using Linksys SPA 922 phones and cannot see where the information is to setup these. It was there but has been replaced by a link to basic instructions on a resellers site. The instuctions that were there a few days ago on this site seem to have gone as we cant find out how to set up message waiting and a number of other linksys phone options. It seems possible to set this system up using Cisco 9460 sip phones but again there is not help to do so. We use GSM - Voip unit on our other astrix system which works great in keeping costs to cel phones down but i see no help in linking to this unit. The whole reason from moving from out exising Astrix system to this system was our IT person was leaving and we operate in Latin America where good IT help is hard to find so I had thought this system would be more straight forward and easier to manage for a non techie. It seems i may have made a mistake. I hope you someone can help. Regards :angry::unsure:

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Hi, your paid support is tied to whatever email address you used when you purchased - you must use that email address to be recognized for contract support priority. Regardless of paid or not your inquiry still goes into the support queue for response. If you would like to tell me the email address you used for our support system, other than your forum email address, I am happy to see what happened to make you feel that our support was inadequate. As it stands you have a single support inquiry under this forum email address that was answered quickly and professionally.


The forums are not our support vehicle - we make that as clear as possible in multiple locations within this forum. While these forums are patrolled by developers and others for outstanding issues and occasionally they will post a response , the forums are for users assisting users, not for tech support responses unless someone happens to see your post and respond.


That being said if you use this link Axon Support, and include the email address you used to purchase your support contract, you will absolutely get the help you are requesting re: Axon/IVM configuration. Or you can wait for a user who has experienced your issues to respond. I would recommend doing both. Even if your email address does not match you will still receive prompt assistance.



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