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ivm give public adresss but local adress needed


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hi all,


installed IVM and a patton trunk.

the server where IVM is installed has 2 ethernet cards. one is on the local network with the patton trunk and the other is directly on internet.

the patton trunk do not have access to internet, so cannot see the public adress.

i a using wireshark to get SIP log (tcp dump).

but when call is initiated, the server return to the patton trunk the internet public adress, so the call cannot be initiated because bind cannot work (because patton cannot reach the public adress).

so how can i do to force IVM to return the local adress on the SIP protocol ? i have tried to map it on the network setting of IVM, but even if i do that, IVM give has "contact information" : 10000@xxxxxxxxx (where xxxxxxxxx is the public adresss)


so how can we do to get return of ivm local adress ?

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