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can not load dss files

Guest Andrew

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Guest Andrew



Just installed the latest version on a Mac Mini runner the latest OS.


When you go to load a file, in this case DSS files, it does not see the DSS files and if you use finder it will not let you open them.


Any Ideas?



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Guest campaignforDSS

Unfortunately, the DSS file format is only supported in the Windows version.


EXTREMELY unfortunate. It would be great of NCH could make a plug-in to help everyone out! It's not our fault that people still record in DSS format—but we need to be able to play it! I really appreciate this software, but to not support DSS format—an old, though still WIDELY used format—is a bit of a blunder.

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Has this issue been fixed with the newest version? Here's the screencap from NCH saying the Mac Pro version supports DSS files (from this page:




I upgraded to the paid Pro version on the assumption (from this list) that it would play this type of file, and now I can't get Express Scribe to see that the DSS files are even in the folder. Is there any kind of workaround? Can tech support help with this, or is it just a "sorry, this is an old type of proprietary file, blah, blah" type of answer? For now, I'm using Switch on my husband's PC to convert the DSS files to mp3 files, and then opening those files on my Mac. A pain!


ETA: Sorry, I can't get the screenshot to show up here.

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