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Guest N_C_H_KH

Look for the next release of KeyBlaze which will usher in some new features:


  • A startup wizard will show the user how to proceed at each step
    The circular "fingers" are being replaced with graphical hands
    The keyboard will have an option to use color coding with matching highlights for the hands
    A timer clock will display remaining time for speed tests and elapsed time for all other types of exercises
    The timer bar will now display only for speed tests
    Optional wordwrap will be incorporated so that pressing the enter key is not necessary at the end of lines
    Sounds can play as an option whenever the user receives an award or when mistakes are made
    Progress reports can now be saved in CSV or TSV format for import into a spreadsheet program
    Custom exercises and speed tests can now be imported from standard text files
    Problem character tracking - if too much time is taken on, or mistakes are made with particular characters, KeyBlaze will create a practice exercise using those characters

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