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Feature Suggestion for Express Delegate

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I see that when the Express Delegate web portal is used to create a new dictation, a deadline can be assigned at that point. It would be extremely useful if there was a way to assign a deadline to a dictation in DialDictate, perhaps as a dictation type option. That is, if Request Dictation Type is checked in the DialDictate settings menu, there would be an option at that point to assign a default deadline (and priority even) that would be embedded in the file name. This is not the same as setting a priority, although the two concepts are related. If, for instance, you had two files in the Delegate queue, one with a higher priority and the other with a lower priority but that is closer to its deadline, a rule could be created that would assign the file with the closest deadline first, even though a higher priority dictation may be in the queue also.


I suppose another way of going about this would be to assign a default deadline to a specific speaker user in Delegate when the user is created. This approach would not offer as much flexibility as the previous scenario.

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