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Express Accounts 3.26 Email To NCH

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This is the reply email that was sent to NCH asking for help with the newest version of the software....


Please feel free to look through and let me know if we missed any bits out ?




Dear Nik,


Thank you for getting back to me in regards to this issue.


I have since had to download and go back to version 3.04


1.) What version was your old version? It might say on your invoice or if you still have it loaded somewhere, you can click on "Help" and "About Express Accounts" and it will tell you on the logo screen.

3.04 was using 3.26 but it allowed me to pay off invoices twice and also invoices from different customers - shouldnt be able to do this

2.) Were you having these same problems with your old version? If so did you notice when it started?

I have checked the system and it was because it allowed me to pay some invoices off twice, in version 3.26 there is no way of knowing what invoices are still owing or not.

3.) Did you do a backup before you upgraded, if so do you still have a copy of it?

Yes I have restored from my latest backup.

4.) Have you tried re-downloading the product?

No as it causes so many issues

5.) Are you tracking many client accounts?

Not that many


When you release a new version can you tell me what updates and fixes have been applied - I can then post it to everyone else ?


It seems to me that the new version of the software could be very good indeed although it appears to have some very major issues that the programmers need to address before it becomes useful.


1, If they are to remove the invoice paid and open column then they need to make sure there is some where you can see what are paid and not paid 2, Along these same lines if they are to remove this column then when you are applying payments to a customer why would you want to see the already paid invoices. You just need to see the current open ones so that you don’t accidently select an already paid invoice.

3, You shouldn’t be able to pay an already paid invoice 4, You should be able to make multiple payments to an invoice ie, cash and cheque but you shouldn’t be able to over pay any invoice more than the total amount shown.

5, When applying customer payments the template selection button should be a drop down list and it should be moved to the top where you select the date, as when you get to the button and select a template it deletes any data you have added.

6,In version 3.26 when you have more than three items in your list and press enter or TAB it deletes one of the items in your list and you need to reload the form.

7, In version 3.26 when you get to the bottom of the invoice list in the main view it is very difficult to get the system to move to the next item list.

8, In version 3.26 when you have a blank items field the software deletes the line completely even though it has been recorded. I think back in version 3.03 you were able to add free text to the invoice list and it didn’t delete any information - I have since lost 3 invoices in the system due to this error and I cannot recover.

9, When you apply a customer payment you should be given an option once the payment has been processed to print / email a remittance to show that it has been paid to the customer.

10, In 3.26 when you convert a quote to an invoice it should move from the quotes list and turn in to an open invoice in the invoice list.

11, In 3.26 If you take one of your old unpaid invoices and save as a draft, then 'record' you end up with two different invoice numbers for the same invoice. One of which appears is your unpaid records list and the original one which does not appear there even though it should.


Please let me know your comments regarding the above list



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