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Offsite Phone set up


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I am unsure if Axon can do this but it at least appears it may. We have an employee working off-site from our network who have an IP Phone. Does anyone know how to set up their softphone so that an extension in Axon rings to their IP Phone? Unfortunately our attempts at doing this to this point have failed. We have been unable to access our network "offsite" through the internet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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Assuming you have routers with firewalls on both side.


Axon Setup


Ensure your router is forwarding 5060 (Signal) and 8000-8499 (Audio) ports (TCP & UDP) to the internal IP of the server.

You need an external address for your server.


If you have a fixed IP you can use that, if not register with either No-IP or Dyndns.org to get a domain name that points to your internet IP address.


Now set up the extension you want to register.


Remote setup


Depending on your phone you now need to work out the signal port Audio Ports, for my Polycom IP500 this is 5065 and 4000-4049, you need to check on your specific model details.


In my example the remote router need to forward ports 5065 (Signal) and 4000-4049 (Audio) ports (TCP & UDP

The phone must have a fixed IP address on DCHP allocated. Now forward the ports 5065 (Signal) and 4000-4049 (Audio) to the IP of the phone.


Then register the phone to the extension number at the external address of the Axon router (either the IP or domain name you registered on port 5060


Final Set UP


Make sure the external IP address in Axon is set the external IP or domain name of your router and in extension set up tick “Always Relay Audio” to ensure the audio streams is forced between the server a remote phone not directly between the internal and external phone when the audio will probably fail with one way audio.

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