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Profit and loss incorrect

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I have noticed if you run the profit and loss report for this fiscal year it appears incorrect.


Each time I make out an invoice that is for labour only so I have no expenses associated it to the invoice the profit keeps on going down.


As a test I entered this months invoices into a fresh install of EA on a new computer and ran the report and it is totally different to what I get when I manually add up the invoices and my profit with my sales.


As a further test I did the same into my old quickbooks and it comes out correct.


This appears to be a major problem



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Hope you've sent that one in as a bug report. As you're not likely to get much response from posting it on the forums.


Don't forget "What this forum is NOT..."


- This forum is NOT to be used as your primary means of contacting NCH. If you want to get in touch with us, please do so through our tech support and FAQ pages.



Hopefully you'll get a response from them because this does seem to be quite an important errror.

I've sent them a bug relating to the profit and loss in the past, but didn't receive a response.


Good Luck!

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Ok I got this sorted out now and I think it wrong when using the migrate option in EA.


Here is what I did that caused the issue.


1. Upgrade express accounts from 2.08 to 3.04 (all accounts data was kept intact

2. In the new version of EA selected file---> Migrate Data From Express Invoice

3. Took on all the defaults including where it asked if I wanted to setup default accounts for a small business.

4. Checked all my items, customers and invoices and all appeared fine


I had a friend asking me what I use for invoicing in my business and I was showing here EA and when we looked at the profit and loss report for this Fiscal year I noticed it was something

like this ($1,687.30). I immediatly knew it was wrong because towards the end of last year around November it was showing something like this $8,972.80 Notice there was no brackets around the total this time


Here is how I fixed the issue


1. Checked my backups folder and found my old EA and EI backups from 12/11/2009

2. Backed up the wrong data from the new EA (just incase)

3. Uninstalled all traces of EA, EI, cleaned out my registry just as a safeguard (not really needed though)

4. Re-installed latest version of Express Invoice and Express Accounts

5. Restored the separate backups back into the respective programs and checked all was well and it was, even the profit and loss

6. Opened the new EA and used the Migrate EI data option and this time said no to the setup of small business accounts and all was still fine.

7. Last but not least manually re enter all data from 13/11/2009 back in and now my profit and loss is correct again.


From what I can see answering yes to setup the list of small business accounts may have overwritten some of the accounts that EA had already taken onboard from my original backup of the earlier version of EA. SInce fixing it I have done over 30 m9ore invoices and the profit and loss report keeps moving in an upward direction now and not down and funny enough the total shows no brackets around it, not sure what that means though.



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