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I need some further help with embedding streaming video from Broadcam.


I am able to get the image from the streaming jpg but it is not actually streaming. It is a still image. In order to get a new image I must refresh the page. How can I get it so the images are streaming like when i connect to the broadcam server direct?




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What exactly are you trying to do? If you are wanting to show the streaming image that shows up when you click on the Connect button and select the JPG-image streams (, then maybe I can help.


I have been experimenting with the code and I think I have figured out the minimum code necessary to display the streaming image:


<title>BroadCam test</title>


<script language="javascript" src="ajax.js">

<script type="text/javascript">
var c = 151039419;
var pl = new Image();
var browser=navigator.appName;function updatelink()
if (browser != "Microsoft Internet Explorer") {
document.img.src = "";
pl.src = "" + c;
function display() {
document.img.src = pl.src;
setTimeout('updatelink()', 50);
function StartScreen()
setTimeout('updatelink()', 0);

<img width=350 name="img" src="">



Any less than that and I get a still image. If I try to add another feed I get two still images. I left out the link back to NCH in this example, so if you're using it for free you'll need to put that link back in.


Anyway, since the displayed part of it is the last <img src..>, you can just put that anywhere on your page and it should look fine.

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