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For me at the moment the main thing is:


1) Terms & Conditions - A tab under Options which allowed me to create Terms & Conditions to be printed on Invoices, Quotes etc. A tickbox to turn it on or off at any given time would be great and the choice of where to print it. I'd like to be able to print Terms & Conditions on the reverse side of the document.

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For me I would like to see a few things as well


1. Be able to customize the statements like you can with the invoices/quotes to add info on it like payments etc.


2. incorporate BAS for Australian users


3. be able to export out you things like customer lists, items etc.


4. able to restore both the old data from express invoice and express accounts into the new express accounts without data loss


there is probably more but I cant think of at the moment



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I also need to be able to print / add a Terms & Conditions options to add to Orders, Delivery notes, Invoices etc. Has there been any news on if this will happen or not? Does anyone from NCH ever respond on here?


Something else that would be very useful is when I create a purchase order and pay a bill to a supplier, that this enters into the journal and forms part of the accounts. At the moment I am having to do everything twice which seems silly!



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