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Delayed hang-up after recording leading to off-hook sounds


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I am using IVM Version 5.02 (and the beta v. 5.03) on Windows 7 Ultimate.

After the caller hangs up, I get the annoying, loud off-hook rings for a few seconds. Luckily, it stops by itself. (The recording is not affected.)

How can I eliminate this nuisance?

Thanks in advance.

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It depends if you have set IVM to use hardware or software hangup detection.


It's been a while since I've used IVM, but if software detection mode is enabled, it means IVM has to be constantly listening for those off-hook tones and listen to them repeatedly to confirm that it has heard a hang-up/off-hook signal. Hardware based detection (if it works) will almost always outperform software detection. In this case, the actual modem/telephony board will detect when the caller hangs-up and signal to IVM much faster than IVM would be able to detect the disconnection itself.


The biggest issue with hang-up detection is that there are so many different telephony standards around the world today, you're lucky that it recognizes the hang-up at all.


Some parts of North America don't even have hang-up tones, as soon as the other party hangs-up, the local party goes straight back to dialtone ready for a new call.

In most of North America, the hang-up is followed by a reorder tone that sounds kind of like a busy signal which is eventually followed by a loud off-hook warning tone.

In the UK it's different, and in Australia it's different even still.


It's even more complicated by the fact that the hardware or software detecting the hang-up is usually listening for tones at a specific volume level, and any adapters or other devices between the modem and the phone jack can cuase the sound to be just ever so slightly softer or louder than expected and cause a failure in detection.




So to cut a long story short:

- Issues with detecting disconnections are probably the most common problems in the telephony world, you're not alone

- Different countries and regions use different standards that your modem/software may not support in terms of detecting hang-ups

- You can try switching between hardware and software detection and tweaking the settings to see if you are able to improve peformance a bit

- Hardware detection (if it works for your setup) usually outperforms software detection

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