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Too bad nobody who knows can leave a reply here, this is the first topic posted concerning a lack of audio I found. Still some more pages to go through. I'm just beginning to use VideoPad, and I don't understand why there's no sound. I checked my source video while in the camera, and there's sound there. I copied the file to my hard drive, it's a mp4 file. Then I double checked by playing the copy with VLC, and it still has sound. But when I add that into VP to edit out the beginning and end of the file, there's no sound, just video. The first area where the file appears as a playable track, there's no sound. When selecting the portion I want, I sent that clip to the timeline, still no sound. Playing that clip in the third area to the upper right - no sound. Saving the clip and playing in VLC - still no sound.


SO I tried to use the video conversion package that came along with the VP download, Prism Video Convertor Plus, on the original file - no audio!


Maybe that makes two problems! I don't know.


There's a small message at the bottom of VP that says to 'drag audio clips here' I can't figure out how to drag the selected clip's audio to this spot. Maybe that's why there's no audio? There's all these audio tracks to the left, but all I can do with those is change their volume or on all but the first one change the name. None of those seem to have any sound track.


I'm surprised this isn't addressed as a basic introduction to the software. It would also be nice to know which part of the GUI is termed what, because the help files state 'put this into such-and-such spot' but I don't know which part of the GUI is that location! Shouldn't there be an overview of the GUI with labels on each section so that I know what the terms mean?


Edit: I tried another source file, apparently there's some kind of codec issue, because I got the audio working on a different file, even though the first one does have audio. Both files are mp4, but only one plays the audio inside of VP. Both play audio in VLC.


Now I'm getting a message that the trial is about to expire! If I don't figure out what's wrong with the files, then I'm not about to spend money on this problem!


Oh yeah, my video camera uses mp4 format, so please don't tell me to use another format! The convertor doesn't work!

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