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Problems with Express Burn Plus v4.26

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I purchased express burn plus yesterday after using the trial version for a couple of weeks. I am very inpressed with the audio capabilities of the software but I am having problems with the video portion (not available in the trial version). I purchased this software to convert .mkv files to video dvd and after 10 attempts am still not able to produce a readable dvd. I am running windows 7, processing speed is 2.5 ghz, 4 Gb RAM.


Problem 1. - the rendering process is as long as the video file. If I have a video file that is 1:45 hrs in length, that is how long it takes to render.


Problem 2 - the resulting video DVD does not play in a dvd player.


Settings: Use FFMPEG is selected

Burner TSST DVD+RW TS 633A

Disk type: Video DVD


I've tried writing to an image file with the same results.


What am I doing wrong?

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