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Can't save my project - changes disappear


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I just spent many hours putting together a video and when I hit "save project" and went off to do something else for a while, the project never got saved and reverted back to a previous version. I tried again a couple of times, by clicking on "save project", as well as on "save project as" and changing the name. What is getting saved is not the same as what I created. Of 30 seconds only 10 seconds remain saved.


The project I'm working on is using a few hundred still images, and the total project is about half a minute long. I've used the program previously with somewhat fewer stills, but longer total time, and have never had a problem.


I tried to recover the files in case they somehow got deleted, and found a couple of files that were saved at exactly the time I saved my project. Showed up in "temp/videopadcache" or something close to that. I tried to open them, but they came up completely empty.


Can anyone help me please, so I don't spend another long night working, only to lose everything I've done? Thank you.

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