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Axon Dialing Plan


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The problem appears simple but has me stumped.


I have my Dialing Plan set for:


If number starts with: 9

Remove digits: 1

Prepend: blank

Dial On Line: callcentric

Exclude Extension(s): None


and I receive a "unable to find outbound dialing plan"


Callcentric is setup and registered.


What am I missing.



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Whose oatmeal did I pee in?


I know from past experience with groups and forums that there are three primary reasons for a non-response to questions:

1. The question has been asked and answered so may times it is now an annoyance. Or

2. It appears to be so simple that any simpleton can see the answer. But what I am sure it is not is that

3. No one knows the answer


I've tried to avoid the first two by checking past question in this forum and by re-reading and following the directions again, then again and if I am dumb – so be it.


I have a feeling some Einstein knows the answer off the top of their head. Probably has happen to them.




Could I get a little of your help? Please


Thank you

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Or 4. This forum community is not very active, and a significant majority of the (small) userbase are novices and probably don't know the answer.


Normally I would help out, but I haven't used Axon in over a year now and I have never experienced this error before.


1. Check to make sure the dialplan appears under 'Dialing Plans' on the Axon web config (I assume you've got this far)

2. Make sure you select a default dialplan (If I remember correctly, there used to be a drop down menu at the bottom of the dialing plans page

3. Make sure the dial plans are not excluding the extension you are dialing from

4. If Axon allows you to chose a dialplan for each extension now, make sure the correct dialplan is chosen


Can't really suggest much else.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry about going off but was getting to end of the rope.


All of the things you suggested are in the "nch help" instructions and beleive me I have been over them.


Maybe a beter question to might be. Is axon is really a viable software option?

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